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About Jozen and Until I Get Married

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Jozen Cummings is a writer and editor living in New York City. He is currently the dating reporter for THE NEW YORK POST, where he handles the weekly blind date column, Meet Market.

Jozen began his professional journalism career in the magazine business as a fact-checker at VIBE Magazine in 2004. In 2006, he went on to be the Web Editor at KING Magazine, and then came back to VIBE in 2008, where he was the Online Editor and Articles Editor, until the company’s closing in July 2009. He also served brief stints as an online editor at XXL Magazine and as a staff writer at HUFFINGTON POST.

Jozen has penned articles for a variety of publications, including:

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (culture blog, “Speakeasy”)
NEW YORK MAGAZINE (entertainment blog, “Vulture”)

UNTIL I GET MARRIED was founded in 2009 after Jozen found himself unemployed for the first time in his professional career. Knowing he wanted to write about music for a living, on the side, he started writing a blog about his thoughts and experiences on relationships and dating. “Until I Get Married” is Jozen’s way of showing not only how fun the single life can be for today’s bachelor, but how difficult it can be.

From his hilarious stories about trysts with women who don’t speak English to opening up about the difficulty of repairing a damaged relationship with the man who raised him, Jozen has become a voice for many unmarried men who are trying to figure out women, and the many women who are trying to figure out men. He has also used his blog to give his own unique brand of dating and relationship advice for all the single and dating people in the world. “Until I Get Married” will tell you why a man should take a woman out for soup instead of dinner (“A Compromise on Taking Women Out To Eat”), why best friends should sleep together (“Five Reasons She Should Sleep With Her Best Friend”), and how women can be better platonic friends to the men in their life (“Seven Ways For Women To Be Better in the Friend Zone”).

As the dating reporter for The New York Post, Jozen is responsible for the blind date column, Meet Market. It appears in the paper and online every Sunday. Jozen sets people up on blind dates, which get featured in the Post. For those interested in participating, you must be over 21, single, and live or work in one of the five boroughs. You can express your interest, by clicking here to fill out this brief form.

Jozen is originally from Seaside, California and graduated in 2004 from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in news/online journalism.

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  • Shamara

    Enjoying every word! And I’m hard to please.

  • Renee

    Why do you make it a point to say that you are a grown man? Not once, but twice. Just curious.. 🙂

  • tiffani

    So, yes, I’m going to be honest here: …your blog is…well it gets to me. The honest and open male opinion…it’s fascinating, really. Sometimes you say things that as a woman, I already know, but needed to hear from a man. And sometimes you write things and I’m like…um…really, or is he kidding? Either way, it’s always an enlightening pleasure to hear your perception of the world.Makes me smile, makes me think, sometimes makes my heart hurt for past affections, but it’s always good. Definitely appreciate your writing…!! Thx for sharing.

  • Talia

    i want to be like you when i grow up…….thanks for your posts.

  • Detoun

    Who is this guy? I haven’t been held bound to a site like this in 6 years and I must say you write DAMN too well but…WHO ARE YOU?

  • tanyetta

    Seaside California was a fun place to live!

  • A Diva State of Mind

    I saw your blog listed on the finalist list for the 2010 Black Web Log Awards so I thought I’d check it out. Great site! I look forward to reading more.

  • DIVA

    Your post have been added to my daily reads. Thank you for the bachelor “insights” and the daily chuckles! xoxo

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  • Journeywjudith

    I am a first time reader. Nice blog!

  • Mbenedyk

    Dude, be careful about getting married ANYtime. Great blog.

  • Yannique

    I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it!

  • Guest

    This entire blog is idiotic. I pity anyone who finds this entertaining or enlightening.

  • Belledaball

    You can’t find it that idiotic, because you took the time to post on it. Maybe you should stop sipping that Jezebel Kool-Aid.

  • Mipo

    You just mad cause he aint praising it.

  • Misho

    I wonder what he’s say after marriage, if his friend was in the hospital and needed to be picked up? Would he say “I gotta take care of my hubby/wifey so no”

  • Mschatman

    I don’t know why someone hasn’t told me about your blog sooner…I stumbled across it while at work…although I don’t ALWAYS agree with what you have to say, you are refreshing, and a pleasure to read. I found myself starting from the beginning…definitely adding you to my MUST reads!!!

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  • Chanel

    Great blog. It’s very refreshing to get the male perspective on love & relationships, without the need to disrespect women.

  • Blackmenshealth

    Just wanted to say that I love this blog and the activity is amazing. I applaud you for producing such quality work and topics week after week. Keep it up. I write alot about black men’s health and I’m inspired to write more.

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  • Coolio

    You married yet?

  • Na Na

    Woot Woot! I’m a fellow Panther!

  • Toya GoddessAthena Pruitt

    I just found out about this site this morning and I watched one of you video’s. I have a question. I am about to be 38 years old. I have never been married and I have never been proposed to. I have been in love 3x and all 3x the person broke up with me and broke my heart as well yet all three have told me when I finally speak with em’ again that I would make someone the perfect wife, that I am that good but my question is, “If that is the case then why was I not good enough to be your wife?” I have never asked any of the 3 this question because I just do not want to give them that…So I am asking you. If every guy I have ever been in love with says I am wife material then why was I not wife material for them? Why?

  • black

    you know why