More About Liking Women With Curves

Are Certain Men Predisposed to Liking Women With Curves? 

Sir Mix-a-Lot may have said it best when he rapped, “36-24-36? Only if she’s 5’3″.”

It seems that science and evolution may play a role in why many men prefer women with curves over women with a flatter shape. A study out of the University of Texas found that a majority of men prefer women with a back-to-buttocks curve of 45.5 degrees.

How did researchers determine that 45.5 degrees is the perfect back-to-buttocks curve? It’s the ideal angle for the lumbar spine because it allows women of child-bearing years to carry their pregnancies evenly, with the excess weight properly balanced over the hips.

This proper angle would mean that in ancient times, women with this 45.5 degree curve would be more likely to carry a pregnancy to full-term and not have any spine issues during or after pregnancy. Although times have changed and women are treasured for much more than their ability to bear children, this preference for curvy women still exists for many men.

Does race play a role in body-type preference?

There’s a common misconception that more black and Latino men prefer women with curves than white men. Another study showed that men of all races preferred women with a curvier shape. White men appreciate curves on a woman just as much as black and Latino men.

When a man sees curves on a woman, they almost act like a drug, activating parts of the brain that are directly linked to rewards, similar to the areas of the brain that are activated when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This means that, regardless of their race, a majority of men prefer a woman with an hourglass figure.

A smaller waist, larger breasts, and wider hips are all signs of health and virility- something that appeals to both men and women. Even females were shown to find curvier women more attractive than thin women. The female response is different than the male response, though, with females viewing curvy women as a threat because of their attractiveness.

How much does a woman’s body shape play a role in attracting male attention?

Physical appearance is one of the first things that attract a potential mate, so it’s natural that a woman’s body shape would play a role in attracting male attention. How much it affects male attention depends on the type of relationship a man is looking for.

Researchers out of Southwestern University in Texas and Western Oregon University conducted a study on 250 men and women to determine just how much a person’s physical appearance impacted their desirability. The results of the study showed that men preferred a pretty face over a nice body if they were seeking a long-term relationship. Men seeking short-term relationships preferred a nice body.

These results indicate that the potential fertility of a partner plays a bigger role in whether or not a man finds a woman attractive. While a curvy body shape is more appealing for many men because history has shown they are more likely to be fertile and have easier pregnancies, attractive facial features play a larger role for men when seeking a long-term partner.

Do men prefer physical beauty over inner beauty?

Although a woman’s physical appearance is what initially attracts a man, their personality is what keeps them. Men prefer women who are honest, funny, and who possess a strong work ethic. Women who are lazy, stressed out, and constantly on the defensive are less attractive to men seeking long-term relationships.

The same holds true for women seeking long-term relationships with men. While the initial attractiveness comes from a man’s physical appearance, his ability to make a woman laugh, keep calm in stressful situations, and provide financial security are much more desirable than a man who lacks a sense of humor and a good work ethic.

Final Thoughts

While many men are predisposed to find women with curves more attractive than women without curves, this isn’t necessarily what keeps them interested for the long-term. A woman’s personality is what keeps a man actively engaged and more likely to stick around.

Despite the fact that a woman’s ability to bear children isn’t as important as it was in ancient times, a male’s brain is still naturally hardwired to prefer a woman with curves over a woman without. This hasn’t changed in thousands of years and it’s not likely to change any time soon. Women can rest assured that as long as those “curves are kickin'” the men will be “thinkin’ bout stickin'”.


The Four Things A Man Should Never Have To Buy For Himself

Everyone has heard of the old adage that a woman should never buy her own flowers. This was mentioned to me way too many times during my childhood, most likely as a result of my father not buying flowers for my mom as much as she thought she deserved. I never forgot that and to this day, I still go out and purchase flowers for my wife of twenty-four years at least once a month. This has probably helped me avoid a few trips to the doghouse. The appreciation she has for this small token of affection is nice as well.

In addition to flowers, I do not believe that women should ever have to buy their own jewelry or lingerie. These are items that her significant other should want to buy his woman. Both items will instill a personal connection between the purchaser and the wearer. As a man, I definitely want my wife thinking of only me when she puts on her jewelry, or more importantly some sexy lingerie, and not the salesman behind the counter at Macy’s.

To add to this list, I have been told by my children that my wife would love a day at the spa, but that she would never just go ahead and purchase it for herself. I quickly picked up on their clues and when I presented my wife with a day at the spa, she was beyond thrilled. Add that to the ‘when in doubt’ bag of ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

So that got me thinking that there must be some items that guys deserve to have bought for them as opposed to going out and picking up themselves, right? After much deliberation and discussion among my guy friends, I have come up with the four items that a man should never buy for himself.

A Nice Suit

At first you might think that purchasing a suit is too personal of a purchase to put into the hands of someone else. But when you think about it, does not the woman in your life already tell you what to wear or what clothes to purchase. Having her pick out the suit not only saves time; it will probably be the best-looking suit you could have chosen yourself. What you will need to do is schedule a time to get it tailored so that it fits properly. Now whenever you wear that suit, your special lady will smile with a sense of pride. A note of caution, just because it is OK for a woman to purchase a suit for a man, do not think for one second that the same holds true for a man purchasing a dress for a woman. A man’s role in this is clear, hold the purse and nod in agreement whenever possible.

A Fashionable Watch

Yes, we all can check the time and date by pulling out our cell phones. Unlike twenty-five or so years ago, a watch does not have much of a functional purpose. Rather, a nice timepiece is a symbol of elegance and class. Wearing a good-looking watch, along with your new suit, shows a sense of status and your woman will be proud to accompany you wherever you are headed. A nice time piece also serves as a conversational item; something you can show off and talk about with co-workers, friends, and just about anyone you meet up with. I have learned over the years that just like a woman cannot have enough bracelets and necklaces to choose from, the same can go for a man and his assortment of watches.


What better way to complete the whole package than a scent picked out and purchased by your lady? Above all other things, a woman will latch onto a scent and stake claim to the wearer. When a woman buys you a bottle of cologne, she is basically marking her territory. Wearing a scent that she did not purchase for you could have significant, negative consequences. A woman likes to know that her man smells the way she wants him to and that others that walk past him know, simply by the scent in the air, that this is her man. Just remember, even if you do not love the scent that she has picked out for you, she obviously likes it and we all know that this is what really matters.


If the way to a woman’s heart is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then fun, exciting gadgets are the electronic equivalent to these plants. Men love gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Things as small as laser pointer key chains, all the way to laptops and drones, always put a smile on a guy’s face. There is something about taking the item out of its box and firing it up for the first time that gives a man a thrill. If the woman is strategic in her purchases, she can coax her man into getting some chores done, under the guise of playing with a new toy. I trimmed many a hedge while being played this way by my lovely wife.

While developing this list, I came up with a few other items, all of lesser importance when it comes to men not purchasing them for themselves, but still worth mentioning. Underwear and ties – while not as flashy as suits and watches, these are items guys rarely would buy for themselves, but appreciate when purchased for them. Books – while not necessarily a no-no for a guy to buy himself, if the man is an avid reader, the woman in his life should know the type of books he likes to read. Sporting events and concert tickets – men loved to be surprised with an outing, much the same way women look forward to their spa day. The biggest draw back through to this purchase is determining who you should, rather than who you want, to take to the event. I caution every man to tread lightly here and take any hints that your woman may give you.