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Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy Part 2 of 2

December 8th, 2011 12 comments

Before I begin, apologies for the hundreds of thousands of people who were refreshing my website every two minutes last night because I promised you the second part of Tuesday’s post was going to go up on Wednesday. I’m a guy, which means I can only promise a promise will be broken.

Now that you all forgive me, let’s move on and get to the good stuff. Part 2 of Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy.

WAIT! One more thing…

It’s very important you all have followed the advice I mandated in the previous post. I really need you all to understand that nothing I tell you in this post will be effective if you just ignore step 1 and skip to step 2. When I first started getting into shape, I couldn’t build muscle from the fat I stored up, I had to lose the weight first and then build up. This is kind of like the same idea. You can’t prosper and live a wonderful 2012 full of fun until you’re willing to do what it takes to get there. So here’s the post one more time for those who may think they need a refresher. Remember, get your mind right first. For as long as this takes, do it, then you can get into what I’m laying out below

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Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy Part 1 of 2

December 6th, 2011 11 comments

With only a couple more weeks in 2011, everyone breathing is about to make some major life adjustments for what is supposedly Earth’s final year of existence (I believe none of that, by the way). Some guys are going to start hitting the gym to get in shape, others are going to purchase shirts in a smaller size so they can look like they’re going to the gym. Some women are going to start wearing nothing but matching bras and panties, while some women are not going to wear any bras or panties. Whatever the changes we make, they’re all going to be for what we hope is a better year than last year, even if it was the greatest year ever.

I would like to add my own helpful advice for how to make 2012 the best alleged last year of your life. But before I change your life with this strategy, I have to make sure you all are mentally ready to accept it, and open to executing it. This is not for skeptics or non-believers. I only want Charlies to follow this advice, word to Willy Wonka. You kids with your tons of questions and talk back can stop reading right now. Thank you for your click, have a nice day.

Now for those still reading, sit down.

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