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Five Reasons I Want A Woman Who Can Whoop A**

February 9th, 2012 5 comments

So as part of my ongoing efforts to stay in shape, I decided to enroll in some mixed martial arts classes. (Those who don’t know what mixed martials arts is, Google is your friend.) Though a major reason for my enrollment is to challenge myself while picking up a new skill set, I am also doing it to make my lady feel safer.

That’s right. This, like most other things men do, is for the lady in my life. I know MMA does not guarantee I win any and every fight I get into on the street and I’m still all about non-violence. But if my woman sees me undergoing all this training, I imagine she feels a little safer knowing I know how to take a punch, defend a punch, and throw one myself.

As I prepare to undergo training for my benefit and her safety, I had an epiphany. When I began to get in shape, my desire for women doing the same increased. Now as I prepare to learn how to deflect kicks and choke someone out like a master, I realize a woman who knows how to do the same might be . I know this may seem like a strange want, and not a very feminine one at that, but here are five reasons I would appreciate a Laila Ali or Gina Carano in my life.

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