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Sometimes Nothing Hurts More Than Freedom

February 13th, 2012 1 comment

For those who are interested, not busy, and plan to be in NYC on Saturday evening, February 18, yours truly is moderating a discussion at Bamcinématek New Voices In Black Cinema film festival at BAM Rose Cinemas in downtown Brooklyn. The Q&A is about the independent film, “Single Hills,” and takes place after the film’s screening. I will be talking to the film’s director Wilkie Cornelius and the two actors, Krystal Hill and J. Kyle Manzay.

When I was asked to participate in this event, I was actually given a list of films from which to choose. Based on what I was given, Single Hills stood out more than the others largely because of a quote featured in the trailer, which I have used as the title of today’s post. As you will see in the trailer, the plot is pretty straightforward: Man and woman love each other, but man is not quite ready to commit to woman.

This is a situation with which everyone is familiar. And yet, it never gets old, at least, not to me. Even when I know what I want in another person, there’s always a sense of doubt, and second-guessing involved. I’m also fascinated by other people’s trepidation. Why do we not settle down when we’re in love? Why choose solitude over company? Sometimes the answers are simple, sometimes they’re complex, but they are always, almost always, personal and interesting.

Below, the trailer for Single Hills. I’m pretty sure most anyone who watches will say it reminds them of something they went through before, and even if that’s not what you say, come join me, the cast, and other movie buffs this Saturday. A good movie, a good conversation, can only mean good times for all who come.

Click here for more information on the film, purchasing tickets, and for those who don’t know the way to BAM Rose Cinemas, directions.