The Girls That Make Me Nervous

I’m a confident guy. I know how to talk to women. I know how to play any situation because I’ve been through them all. It all comes easily to me. The problem is when “that” girl comes along. You know, the one that leaves you forgetting everything you know about every situation. I lose all my training at that time as a man. 

This doesn’t mean I’m a guy that loves love. I’ve been in love a few times, but I cannot say I was ever a sucker for love. Right now I’m just going to address the fact that guys get nervous and lose all their game around a special girl. Of course, no guy is going to admit this. They secretly know what I’m talking about. 

It starts with a girl that you find attractive. If I’m not attracted to a girl, I probably won’t feel the butterflies. Different guys have different types. You may not like the same type of girl as me. That’s just fine. The point is that if you find a girl attractive, you start to clam up. You act like the shy little boy meeting Santa for the first time. 

I cannot claim to be the smooth talker I wish I was. I always ask the general questions at first. I don’t have pick up lines. I like girls from certain places. I’m a sucker if she says she’s from Texas, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. I always follow up with a dumb sentence about how I love their hometown. I may not have ever been there, but that doesn’t matter. It connects us somehow.

I start thinking like a stereotypical girl. I don’t know how it happens. I start wondering about the first date. I wonder if she’s free. I wonder how to ask her out. I even wonder what’s she’s doing for the rest of her life. I can’t show her that I’m being this crazy, of course. I don’t want my guy friends knowing I’m thinking this way or they would make fun of me. I have to get someone to tell her for me, right. Someone has to be my wingman so I don’t have to look like I’ve lost my mind. I don’t see anyone around trying to break the ice for me, so it’s all up to me. I’m literally spinning.

Let’s move on to the next cliche topping. I am still spinning. Everything I was ever taught is out the window. The only thing I really understand is that I just don’t know what to do around her. I understand that I need to say all of these things, yet I’m just staring at her. I need to ask her out, yet I cannot. I’m just here. I hope she understands that I’m not crazy. I hope she understands I find her so fascinating that all my game is gone. I do know exactly what to say. I do know exactly what to do. The problem is that she’s taken all my magic powers.

I’ve never seen this girl. I’m nervous because I have one chance to make a first impression. I need to know why she is here. Where did she come from? She’s interrupting my usual cool guy persona. I want to refrain from saying something about the weather or something totally off subject that makes her run away.

I could be overthinking this entire event. I can’t help but go to the finish line when I get it right. I should tell her that, right? It might sound crazy. It might also sound honest. She might love honesty. Should I ask her out? Should I just ask for her number? What if she says no? If she says no, and I’ve practically planned our wedding, I’ll be like a sad puppy dog. I’m not like this with all the girls. I’m only like this with the girl that makes me feel nervous. You know her. You get me even if you don’t admit it. I’m so lost.

Why can’t I just be normal? Why do I lose all my games? The answer to these questions is that this special girl makes me lose my mind.

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