The Misunderstanding Of Male Sensitivity

It’s crazy in today’s world that anyone questions a man’s sensitivity. You would think everyone would be “so welcoming” to every type of person. Let’s take Drake for an example. His iconic album, “Take Care” is something I’ve played a million times. Of course, he’s got crisp production and amazing lyrics, but I like it for so much more than that. This is why you may question my high levels of sensitivity, and I’m cool with that. I’ll explain why.

I have friends that say this album is just too emotional. I actually love it for that reason. Some people say Drake just sings too much. He’s a singer, so I think it’s okay he sings. His emotional lyrics and singing make for a pretty soft album. This is actually pretty artistic. I’m beginning to wonder if people want all music with just a little singing where you can’t even tell if the performer is an actual performer or just marketed as one. This album seemed to reveal how the world felt about men that could express their feelings. Drake is able to feel. He’s able to perform. He’s also able to express his feelings to his women in a whole other way. I respect this. Before him, I think the most emotional rapper ever was Tupac. He didn’t exactly sing on all of his records, but he talked it out. Tupac was my idol because he helped me understand how to talk to women. He helped me feel emotional.

I’m not trying to start a Tupac vs. Drake uproar. I’m not even saying Drake is as good as Tupac. What I’m trying to say is that they both know how to express their emotions through music. No one questions their manhood.

Most rappers are busy taking home different women each night and popping bottles in the club. Drake made it cool if you were a dude to sit at home eating ice cream watching old movies. I give him lots of respect for stepping out of that box. For years, rappers like him were told to stay out of this hip-hop culture. Rap music was supposed to be all about masculinity. There are actually guys out there that like rap that aren’t into the hoes at the club.

I have a manly side, but men also have a little bit of sensitivity even when we try to hide it. I bet some men would even admit they own a Backstreet Boys album. Drake and Tupac were the guys that first showed that rap albums were for every guy.

I dressed up as Drake one time at Halloween. All of my friends and random strangers loved it. They even said I favored him. I write with the same type of vulnerability that Drake brings out in his music. This isn’t why I love his “Take Care” album though. The main thing the album brought to the surface was how people see and respond to emotions from men. Drake even said he was tired of people viewing his honesty as being overly emotional. He had to explain that he was just fine even though he was emotional. Why do men even need to explain this?

There’s so many people in the world that mistake emotional honesty and vulnerability with being soft. It’s quite sad in today’s world that this is even an issue. This is why I don’t like to open up to women. This is why little boys are taught they can’t be honest with their feelings. Many women don’t even understand there is a difference between being soft and being emotionally honest. I’ll tell the truth to all the ladies out there. If a man has never cried over a break up with you, you didn’t have much of an impact on him. Your relationship never got deep enough to touch his emotions.

The older generations were taught crying was soft. My dad taught me all my life I wasn’t a man if I cried. He told my mom she was silly when she cried. I thought it was pretty insensitive. I thought he was just wired this way. One day I saw him crying in the garage. I wondered if it was the same man. He told me he was crying because my mother told him he didn’t love her. She questioned his love. I wasn’t even a teenager, so I was really confused. I was on my mom’s side because I thought my dad was this robot without emotions usually. I thought he just didn’t love her enough. I realized as I grew up why he was crying that day. He made mistakes. He did love her, but he couldn’t portray his emotions. This is why Drake and other men sing to women about their feelings.

If I just say, “I love you,” to a woman, she takes it in stride. I want her to truly get it. If we tell her we don’t like her, we’re being honest with our emotions. Real feelings are able to pour out on the table when we truly feel for someone. Men aren’t allowed in society to express any type of feelings or we are considered soft. The truth is that when we express feelings, we’re more of a man. We can express them however we do best. This male sensitivity should be something that is applauded. We aren’t less of a man for showing our feelings. It’s time we start teaching little boys that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to shout to the world what you’re feeling. One day, they’ll grow into a man like Drake and be able to express through their own artistic way.

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