Things A Man Can’t Do If He Gets Caught Cheating

Cheating is a real thing. Talking about cheating is tough, though, because there’s something even more pressing looming in the background. That’s right – the consequences. 

 Cheating’s not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination, and most cheaters tend to suffer the same consequences. What most people want to see – and in fact, what most people do see – is that a man who gets caught cheating is a man who is going to lose his partner. In many cases, though, you’re going to see something wildly different. 

 Not every relationship gets brought to an immediate end because of cheating. In fact, many women go into a mode that might be best thought of as the “relationship saver” if they find out that their partners have been cheating on them. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to give up on a long-term relationship or maybe it’s love, but many women make a conscious choice to stick around men who cheat. 

 This doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to be what it was before the cheating, though. Instead, it means that the woman in question is going to figure out the steps that are necessary to make the relationship work again. Note that it’s not the man who did the cheating that gets to make these calls – it’s the woman who was done wrong that now holds all the cards.

 What this means for men who cheat and who keep their partners is that they are suddenly thrust into a whole new world of relationship mechanics. Their partners rightfully don’t trust them, and they’re going to be left with the sinking feeling that their wives or girlfriends might be in the right to get a bit of revenge by doing the same thing. At the very least, they have to live with a reality that they’ve got to follow some important new rules to keep the women in their lives happy. These rules are, simply put, the things a man can’t do after he gets caught cheating. 

No More Media With Infidelity

 Guess what? The way that you view media is going to change radically if you choose to cheat. Remember all of those romantic comedies that are kicked off by one partner cheating on the other or by a bit of miscommunication that makes someone look like they are cheating? Those movies are absolutely not going to fly any longer because they are going to remind your wife or girlfriend of exactly what you did. This isn’t a plot device any longer – it’s a memento of what you did wrong. 

 By the way, you’ll also have to avoid those movies where a woman gets to feel liberated because she cheats on her scumbag boyfriend or husband. Why? Because you’re now the scumbag, and the woman in your life is going to see herself in the main character. If you’re incredibly lucky, she’s going to look at this movie and find a reason why you’re not worth having around. If you’re less lucky, she’s still going to get rid of you but she’s going to have her fun first. 

No Being Late

 Every move you make is going to be under scrutiny. If you’re late for something, she’s going to start thinking that you’re out somewhere that you shouldn’t be. Congratulations, you’re now in the same kind of relationship that you had with your parents when you were a teen. You’re under a curfew now, and that curfew has absolutely no wiggle room. Make sure that you’re always early so that she doesn’t have to worry about what you’re doing without her. 

No Looking At Other Women

 There’s no harm in looking, right? If your wife or girlfriend isn’t suffering from some serious self-esteem issues, he or she is going to understand that men are naturally going to glance at beautiful women when they walk by. Unfortunately for you, you’ve demonstrated exactly why there can be an awful lot of harm in just taking a look, and the woman in your life is definitely not going to put up with you taking a second glance. By the way, this isn’t just something that applies to women in real life – get ready to absolutely argue that the most beautiful movie stars in the world just don’t look that good anymore. 

No Changing Your Password

 One of the most common changes men have to make after they cheat is giving up all of their passwords, from their phone unlocks to their social media passcodes. While these passwords need to be changed from time to time, you are no longer the arbiter of if and when this is going to happen. Instead, your wife or girlfriend is the new master of all of your passwords, and you’re going to have to beg for permission to make a change so that she doesn’t feel like you’re hiding something. 

No Going Out Without Her

 Say goodbye to the days of going out with the boys because the boys didn’t stop you from cheating. You can no longer tell her that you’re just going out – you’re going to have to explain what you are doing, who you are with, and you’re going to have to account for your every move. From this point forth, she is your new chaperone, and you’re only going to get to go to the places where she can come along and watch you behave. Sorry if it was supposed to be a weekend for boys or even a private retreat for your job – if she’s not welcome there, neither are you. If you wanted her to trust you, you probably should’ve remembered not to cheat. 

 Honestly, life in a relationship after cheating doesn’t have a lot of positives. Not only is your every move going to be monitored and dissected, but you’ve committed to a grievous error of hurting someone who actually cares about you. If you’re going to cheat, you need to understand that the feature laid out in front of you is one where you have to follow all of the rules discussed here.

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